Nonprofit How-To: Facebook Timeline

Today kicks off a major overhaul to Facebook pages. Individuals adopted what is being called the “Timeline” about a month ago, but today all pages will automatically switch. As with any change in technology, there are some great opportunities for nonprofits, and some strategic decisions to be made.

The major change is the “Cover Image” which goes across the top of the page. This will become the focal point of the page, and should be chosen with care. We see a lot of great opportunities to use this for integrated campaigns. For example, a logo for a matching gift campaign or a featured volunteer could all be the focus of a cover image. More commonly we are seeing a mission-specific image.

Facebook Timeline

Up until today you could voluntarily switch and begin to use the new layout. The early adopters have already seen a bump in engagement, proving that people are responding to the new layout.

Some other notable features of the timeline are:

  • Different placement of “tabs” and renaming them to “apps”
  • The ability to “feature” a story and have it take up both columns of your timeline.
  • The timeline allows you to tell the story of your nonprofit’s history. The timeline along the side can go back all the way to its founding, and you can add images and text.

For some great examples of using these features, check out this list .

Got some questions of the new layout, or want to respond? Tweet us at @SankyInc!

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