Facebook Unveils Improved Nonprofit Resource Center

NonProfits on FacebookFacebook has created new features for its Nonprofit Resource Center, including downloads like a Pages Manual and a more general guide to increase your organization's presence on the social network.

While Facebook isn't the only social network that is amenable to nonprofit fundraising and marketing, it's nice to see them expanding their resources so nonprofits can continue to grow their audiences through social media. The Nonprofit Resource Center page already has 410,000 Likes, and is now showcasing success stories from organizations like the Red Cross and Save the Children to highlight best practices for online fundraising and nonprofit social media marketing through Facebook.

We believe in integrating our fundraising campaigns with social media - especially widely-used social networks like Facebook. Again, we are ecstatic that Facebook is expanding its resources for nonprofits, so they can mobilize a new generation of donors, supporter, and advocates.

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