Center for Reproductive Rights

Voice 4 Choice Microsite
Center for Reproductive Rights
Emails, microsite, landing pages, individual fundraising pages

The Center for Reproductive Rights fights legal battles in defense of women’s rights around the world. We were tasked with developing a microsite that would draw attention to the landmark Supreme Court case Gonzalez v. Carhart.


This visually engaging microsite was developed to help raise awareness of the case. The user’s attention is drawn to a prominent email sign-up box, which we developed to give later updates through email as well as list-build for future outreach from the Center. The user was also encouraged to start his or her own support group for the cause through individual fundraising pages, which allowed each person to create his or her own donation goals and invite his or her friends to join in.

The large buttons below stand out on the page and invite the user to take further action. While fundraising was one goal of this microsite, we also gave equal weight to other modes of activism through design and functionality.