The New York Public Library

“A Gift for All New Yorkers” – Holiday/Year-End Campaign
The New York Public Library
Emails, website components, lightbox

The New York Public Library’s holiday and year-end campaign is a huge opportunity to fundraise for the year ahead and garner new members. Using the tagline “A Gift for All New Yorkers,” we were given an opportunity to reimagine the many possibilities the Library holds for our city – and the world.


This campaign integrated offline and online components, beginning with a direct mail card and corresponding email for the online audience. In addition to a holiday banner and targeted support pages and sidebars, a highly successful lightbox was created to drive users to the donation page.

The holiday and year-end emails were sent out to appeal to a broad range of Library visitors and highlight the many free services the Library offers. Each email had a different theme, ending with a year-end appeal that invited readers to make a tax-deductible donation.